About Us

We are principal investors with a disciplined approach to wealth accumulation.

Our Firm

Sun Venture was incorporated in 2006 (formerly Legend Investment Holdings) as a privately held firm.  As principal investors, we act on our conviction to lead deals that we deem will generate value for our business partners and portfolio companies.  We are today a multi-asset investment firm that adopts methodical processes as part of our disciplined approach to manage risks and acquisitions.  We are rigorous in our due diligence and we encourage differing views that are logical, unbiased and fact-driven.

How we invest :

Our Asset Classes

Our asset classes are systematically allocated to optimise returns against measured risks.  Our total AUM has grown steadily and our professional managers continue to deliver returns with a close sight on both macro and micro economic environments.

Real Estate unit primarily invests in Singapore office buildings to generate stable rental incomes. As part of our global expansion, assets in major cities are progressively added as we grow.

Public Markets unit invests in global equities, bonds and alternative instruments to diversify our holdings. We invest in global markets with the objective of achieving balanced growth.

Private Equity unit invests in companies which are in the technology, logistics or consumer space. We primarily hold stake through direct investments or through partnership model led by leading fund managers.