Private Equity Overview

We invest directly across the capital structures of promising companies backed by high quality management teams and in funds led by best-in-class managers.

Sun Venture Private Equity

Sun Venture aspires to be the preferred partner of companies and investment managers based in China and Southeast Asia by supporting them with patient capital through economic cycles and providing strategic expertise.

Direct Investments

As an investment partner, we adopt an entrepreneur-friendly approach and combine our global reach, local networks and expertise to realise the full potential of our portfolio companies. We take a long-term view on our investments and seek to take significant ownership positions in companies with sustainable competitive advantages backed by strong management teams.

We favour companies with strong presence in growing markets supported by long-term macro trends and have invested in both perennial and emerging industries.


We complement our direct investments with commitments to best-in-class investment managers in private markets.  These investment managers help us gain deeper insights into markets and provide us with co-investment opportunities.

As a long-term minded Limited Partner, we seek to build strong relationships with a diverse network of investment managers by supporting them across fundraising cycles and supporting their portfolio companies financially.  These close relationships foster collaborations which increase the potential for sourcing and sharing of investment opportunities.