Real Estate Overview

Our asset acquisition aims to unlock value, generate recurring income and secure long-term capital appreciation.

Sun Venture Real Estate

Sun Venture is an established Singapore-based real estate investment firm to undertake quality developments and investments.

With a strong business network, unique foresight and staunch support from our astute investors, we are able to access deal opportunities and identify value competently.  By capitalising on our intimate understanding of the real estate sector and our ability to evaluate assets, we are confident in taking on strategic assessment of our deals in the market.  Our proprietary market intelligence framework has also enabled us to transact with success repeatedly.

Through the years, our success hinges on our competitive advantage to move with scale and speed.  We execute the following real estate process with agility to differentiate ourselves in the industry.

  • Deal sourcing and origination
  • Due diligence and acquisition
  • Development and asset management
  • Value creation and divestment

Real Estate Approach

The management team believes that each asset should be diligently managed to maximise its full potential.

In this vein, we carefully formulate comprehensive repositioning strategies.  We grow revenue, increase space, manage cost and enhance maintainability to extract value from each asset.

Be it a development option or an investment opportunity, our expertise has consistently allowed us to deliver the highest possible returns.  We achieve this through our disciplined and prudent investment approach.

Demand-Driven Development

Our development strategies are formulated with our ability to identify potential demand for our assets.  As such, we conceptualise the contributing factors to make our assets attractive in our origination process, hence creating the potential to generate healthy demands for our assets.  This has contributed to the many successes in our development projects. 

Income-Driven Acquisition

Our investment strategies on the other hand are based on creating institution-friendly assets to sustain income generation.  In addition, through the judicious use of leverage and a value-based investing framework, our assets are modelled financially to withstand risks and abnormal events.

Relationship-Driven Partnership

Our extensive partnerships with our business associates and counterparties have allowed us to harness our valuable network to execute our acquisitions and divestments.  To this end, our long-standing relationships with our valued partners have complemented our investment team to seek new opportunities actively. With such strong support, we remain confident to deploy our capital to diversify into other asset acquisitions.

Green Mark Awards

As part of our ESG effort, we promote ecology-friendly developments throughout our entire building life-cycle.  Sun Venture’s properties have won various BCA Green Mark award and this is in line with our philosophy to be a responsible investor.

BCA Green Mark is a rating system to assess a building for its green impact to the environment. The award promotes sustainability in building design, construction and operations.

Sustainability refers to characteristics of the building which reduce the demands on the environment such as lower energy and water usage or carbon neutrality either directly, or indirectly.

We will continue to play our part in supporting environment-friendly developments in building management.

  • Westgate Tower

    Green Mark Platinum Award

  • Paya Lebar Square

    Green Mark Gold Plus Award

  • Paya Lebar Square Retail Mall

    Green Mark Gold Plus Award

  • 71 Robinson Road

    Green Mark Gold Award

  • 50 Scotts Road

    Green Mark Gold Award